Giant Lizard Takes Over Store
Blind Cat Has Unique Eyes
14 ditë më parë
Man Born Without A Collarbone
Why There Is Plastic In Fish Meat
Giving A Banana A Tattoo
2 muaj më parë
Elephant Steals Hat And Eats It
Lava Devours An Entire Car
Dog Sliding Down A Snowy Hill
Cat Addicted To Catnip
3 muaj më parë
Porcupine Loves To Get Pet
Armando Ortiz
Armando Ortiz Orë më parë
They loosened it
SGT_S4und3r5 Orë më parë
Just seeing that TBF Avenger going in the water like that made my heart sink. Over 70 years old and still in the air only have a malfunction with the engine. Good thing it was close to shore so they should be able to repair her and get her back up. Just gonna be stupid expensive.
AR-13 Orë më parë
Duh if you don’t know how to open a jar of olives... you are NOT a bartender
Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher Orë më parë
That picture of the man reacting to his wife is so sweet
• Uno reverse card •
• Uno reverse card • Orë më parë
Jar: “I will not open, unless its a women”
British Toe
British Toe Orë më parë
2:20 what app is that
Edwin Mercado
Edwin Mercado Orë më parë
Jordan Parks
Jordan Parks Orë më parë
That bird is called a “killdeer” and they are everywhere in Ohio 😂
Hey Dude
Hey Dude Orë më parë
Birds are called killdeer. They used to build nests literally on the aircraft ramp when I worked at the airport and would get all pissed off when we'd park airplanes near their nest. Nonstop birds yelling at us but never would just build their nest somewhere other than an active aircraft apron.
GLOOMZY_FN48 Orë më parë
Bro the guy loosened the jar
Fruffy Orë më parë
A group of scientists once brought a garden nome around the world to show how the rotation of the earth and different places affected weight. Not the most scientific research but I bet it was a ton of fun writing the pop science article.
B7D V1
B7D V1 Orë më parë
that RC Car is god's car
Skeletoni Orë më parë
Awwwh but the mom bird pretending to be hurt in front of predators so they would go away from her eggs is kinda sad and cute
Corksucker Orë më parë
0:36 you really fucking hate to see it
British Toe
British Toe Orë më parë
1:08 what is that animal
MatriRevenant Channel
MatriRevenant Channel Orë më parë
The grandpa clip was so sad
CallMeWolf Orë më parë
SniperScar Orë më parë
2:56 ok so it was kinda dark ( it was night) but i turned on my flash and i swear i saw that type of bird on a pile of rocks
meme mistake
meme mistake Orë më parë
someones not having kids when they grow up
oscar miranda
oscar miranda Orë më parë
The guys obviously loosened the jar lol
Ease54 Orë më parë
I don't know was, y'know....wholesome!
TronRider Orë më parë
At the end I thought dreamscape by 009 sound system was going to play.
James Barber
James Barber Orë më parë
1.05 what animal is that?
GArm Orë më parë
people in indonesia be like = " im short :( fuck gravity"
Asim Ghatak
Asim Ghatak Orë më parë
0:56 We all wanted to do that at some point.
Muskaan K
Muskaan K Orë më parë
0:46 i saw it already on Inside Edition but i see ur videos too
tegaroh Orë më parë
Can we have an entire video of him feeding the squirrel
SamMan Orë më parë
I want to love someone as much as that old man loved his wife. You can hear it in his voice how much he loved her
Jack Goodman
Jack Goodman Orë më parë
Great job by the cone people, all tho the ambulance should have just drove over the cones.
namir1 Orë më parë
The lizard is the new Godzilla !
eli Tollett
eli Tollett Orë më parë
For anyone who doesn’t know the bird at 2:39 is a killdeer I’m pretty sure we had one in our yard like 2 weeks ago
Henry Arnold
Henry Arnold Orë më parë
Larry Lovings
Larry Lovings Orë më parë
Balls itch
Chad Orë më parë
"There was netting on the pool that made it look like the dog walked on water" As went my beliefs in Jesus dog
Sean Kaster
Sean Kaster Orë më parë
a spoon under the lid works just as well, and you dont risk cutting wrist on a broken jar, Fulkrum and Lever.
namir1 Orë më parë
Damn, that water floating car thing looks real nice
Kan Iralovetz
Kan Iralovetz Orë më parë
The media is all about women empowerment. As soon as a couple of men make a mistake or don't know somthing the media looses their minds. I see women make mistakes ALOT and I don't see it geting millions of views on the internet
Idk Orë më parë
0:46 ahh yes, a Florida driver makes more sense now
Paul Edward Z Madanlo
Paul Edward Z Madanlo Orë më parë
0:27 when my grandfather shot down by enemies
Mike Toreno
Mike Toreno Orë më parë
"A Florida man" There, you said it. It isn't surprising anymore.
Eliver Z
Eliver Z Orë më parë
I love how a woman opening a jar before a man is rare enough to be cover news lmao
Diane Baier
Diane Baier Orë më parë
tho popy
Elwood P. Dowd
Elwood P. Dowd Orë më parë
I'm wanted for 3 accounts of embezzlement
I'm wanted for 3 accounts of embezzlement Orë më parë
HungrieHipp0 Orë më parë
"A driver if Florida..." and you always know some crazy shit happened.
Optimus Primeコンボイ
Optimus Primeコンボイ Orë më parë
I had to take a minute, maybe an hour to figure out how to comment on such a bittersweet moment with the elderly man with tears in my eyes.
user not found
user not found Orë më parë
One of the best channels
Blade Orë më parë
1:18 "Haha, I- I was just lookin for the uh- sports channel Gary"
Finn Stabach
Finn Stabach Orë më parë
2:32 take that pepsi
spring bunny boi
spring bunny boi Orë më parë
0:49 ah yes florida man
Jessica Espinosa
Jessica Espinosa Orë më parë
I cried
Balthazar Ngo
Balthazar Ngo Orë më parë
that frog went for the eyes
Podest Melican
Podest Melican Orë më parë
I think the bird is a kill deer
therealDale Orë më parë
Philippines' Gravity: *brrr*
Tony lil
Tony lil Orë më parë
The car one is insane
Niklaus Orë më parë
what is the software called that brings pictures to live?
Oliver And Mackenzie
Oliver And Mackenzie Orë më parë
These videos realy do make my day
Chicken Nuggetz
Chicken Nuggetz Orë më parë
I eat Dioxin and I'm alright *vomits*
payal ambaly
payal ambaly Orë më parë
What in the daily dose of internet happened here 1:11
Nano Salazar
Nano Salazar Orë më parë
I felt bad for the old man that starred to cry I wish u could hug him
LostHabits Orë më parë
What were those little creatures?
Confused Rock
Confused Rock Orë më parë
This is youuur daily dose of internet
Can o' Beans
Can o' Beans Orë më parë
Im gonna od on my daily dose of internet
Ha Wau
Ha Wau Orë më parë
1:05 snake with fur
Jimbo Bimbo
Jimbo Bimbo Orë më parë
You ARE making my day just a little better; as always! Keep up the good work! :)
Impressire Orë më parë
Crying doesnt make u less of a man. Hats off to this old man 🧢❤️